AI Journey Junior

November 20, 2024

Find out how artificial intelligence can help us grow, study and create. Bring your boldest ideas to life!

Opening of the day22.11.2023
AI for everyone22.11.2023
Graphs and Their Applications22.11.2023
Technologies and algorithms inside large language models or what is meant by AI today22.11.2023
How to create your own TV series22.11.2023
«Make a great story» with Pro.ЧитAI: How to write a fairy tale using AI22.11.2023
How to choose the future with AI22.11.2023
GigaChat-powered entertainment skills22.11.2023
How to create a succesful AI startup?22.11.2023

Lections 2023

  • Introduction to artificial intelligence

    How AI changes the world for the better, gives cool opportunities and helps us make discoveriesMore